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Fashion is;

The fashion is a form of living, behaving and comprehending of a period a society in commonly. The historians say that costume and particle is religious and social symbol.

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In traditional communities, there are a lot of fashionable rules. Nowadays, some government prohibit fashionable creativities and developments. But, the fashion is a changeable, dynamics phenomenon. Therefore, no government banned dynamic activity of fashionable progress. In really, fashion is every new thing in saw terms, such as; technological invention, scientific events or economical, social progress, etc.

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The fashion isn’t only arting of dressing clothes, involves developments in entertainment, culture, art, science, education, etc. Mostly, the fashion provide communication between people in the world. For instance, a national language and culture of any country is affected the fashion. The fashion changes fast worldwide. Because, the fashion which occur every category in life. In the same times, the fashion is a commercial subject. Also, the fashion increases sales of goods. In short, the fashion is life style. All the time, there is fashion every society.

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What is meaning of fashion:

  1. A prevailing custom or style of dress, fashion is a popular style, the latest thing or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body, hair, decoration, behaviour or furniture. Fashions’ synonym: vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, mode, fad, fancy, passing fancy, current/latest style, latest thing, convention, custom, practice, latest taste, style, look and general tendency.
  2. A manner of doing something. synonym: manner, way, style, method, mode; system and approach.
  3. Make into a particular form. Fashion verb synonym: construct, build, manufacture, make, create, fabricate, contrive; cast, frame, shape, form, mould, sculpt, forge, hew, carve, whittle, hammer, chisel.
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